You Can Believe!

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You Can Believe!


by Swedenborg Foundation



You Can Believe!
An Introduction to the New Christianity
Author : Grant Schnarr
Format : Paperback. 90 pages
Release date : 2006

Description :

Does God love and care for each individual? Should the Bible be interpreted literally? Why are we here? Questions such as these persist for many people today. Grant Schnarr presents "the new Christianity," based on the Bible and the teachings of the eighteenth-century theologian Emanuel Swedenborg. Schnarr examines the underlying reasons that prevent people from truly believing and provides logical and positive answers to life's questions. The result is a solid foundation for building faith and embracing a relationship with God.

Author Bio :

Grant R. Schnarr is the author of the novel The Guardian Angel Diary and also several books about growth and spirituality, including Art of Spiritual Warfare: A Guide to Lasting Inner Peace, which has been published in a variety of languages by independent publishers on four continents. Learn more about him at his author's web site:


"Grant Schnarr renews our faith in God and ourselves as he guides us through our barriers to belief. His insightful spiritual wisdom makes it safe to believe in our deep soul values, as he strategically moves the reader out of material captivity into the freedom of God's love. Refreshing, timely, and profound." -- Nancy Lee, author of "Voices of Light".
"Many of us have had problems with 'Religion.' You Can Believe! is a delight, a door you can walk through and enter into a new or remodeled relationship with a God who makes sense. I highly recommend this book for people who are looking to deepen their 'spirituality'." -- John Lee, author of "The Flying Boy".