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Way of Wisdom


by Swedenborg Foundation



Way of Wisdom
Meditations on Love and Service
Author : Emanuel Swedenborg
Editor : Grant R. Schnarr and Erik J. Buss
Format : Paperback. 146 pages
Release date : 1999

Description :

Emanuel Swedenborg wrote about a way to understand the Divine and the self, a path that leads to fulfillment and meaning both here and in the afterlife?the way of wisdom. This collection of 100 quotations, adapted for present-day readers, is arranged for meditation, self-reflection, and personal growth. The quotations challenge the reader to grow in understanding of relationships with God, self, and others.


"This tiny book offers 100 quotations culled from Swedenborg's thirty volumes of theology. All of them challenge the reader to live selflessly.? -- Branches