Tunnel to Eternity

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Tunnel to Eternity


by Swedenborg Foundation



Tunnel to Eternity
Beyond Near-Death
Author : Leon Rhodes
Foreword/Introduction by : Kenneth Ring Format : Paperback, 95 pages
Release date : 1997

From the experience of dying to awakening to tunnels, bright lights, unfamiliar realms, life reviews, and different levels of consciousness, Leon Rhodes takes the reader on a great adventure into the unknown. An officer in the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS), Rhodes recounts the stories of near-death experiences (NDEs) that people have shared with him over the years. The profound changes in their lives after their discoveries are chronicled as a source of inspiration.
In addition, the fascinating parallels between NDEs and the spiritual world, described over two hundred years ago by Emanuel Swedenborg, provide many insights into the transition from this life to the next world. Rhodes' unique Swedenborgian perspective broadens the discussion over the significance of the near-death phenomenon.

Author Bio

Leon Rhodes has been a writer, editor, and lecturer on NDEs for over twenty years; he was also a motion-picture animator and an actor, writer, and director for the New York stage.


"Books on the near-death experience are plentiful, but it is the singular value of this book to provide an illuminating Swedenborgian perspective on the NDE and the entire afterlife journey that it promises." - Kenneth Ring