True Christianity Vol. 2

  • True Christianity Vol. 2
  • True Christianity Vol. 2

True Christianity Vol. 2


by Swedenborg Foundation



True Christianity Vol. 2
Author : Emanuel Swedenborg
Translator : Jonathan S. Rose
Format : Portable paperback. Contains the text of the New Century Edition translation, but not the annotations or other supplementary materials found in the deluxe edition.
Series : New Century Edition
In the fourteen chapters of his two-volume True Christianity, Swedenborg presents his theological views against the backdrop of, and in contrast to, key concepts in Protestant Christianity, such as the nature of God and of the Trinity; how and why Jesus redeemed the human race; the nature of the Bible; the multilayered meanings of the Ten Commandments; how faith and good works contribute to salvation; the true nature and purpose of baptism and Holy Supper (Communion); and the Last Judgment, the Second Coming, and the descent of the New Jerusalem. It includes Swedenborg?s most extended and practice-oriented discussion of how to undertake effective repentance from sin. It is recommended for those with a particular interest in exploring Swedenborg?s theological views and seeing the biblical support he offers for them. It also includes extensive accounts of Swedenborg?s spiritual experiences.
Volume 2 covers topics such as freedom of choice, repentance, the transformation of a person?s inner being during spiritual awakening, the rites of baptism and the Holy Supper (Communion), and the Second Coming of the Lord.


"True Christianity is the capstone of Swedenborg's thought and probably the best summation of his theology. It is invaluable for understanding the deeper meaning of Christianity. This new version, the best ever produced, presents this magisterial work with clarity and grace. The notes and introduction are not only helpful but fascinating." Richard Smoley, author of Inner Christianity: A Guide to the Esoteric Tradition