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There is an Answer


by Bunny House Books



There is an Answer Author : Candace Frazee
Format : Paperback, 395 pages
Release date : 2008

Candace Frazee has been writing about Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) for over 25 years. People around the world ask her about the Swedish scientist turned Christian writer. In this book, she shares 299 of the 726 published letters she answered in her newsletter SILA (Swedenborg Information of Los Angeles). Who is God? Is it difficult to get into heaven? Do you believe in Angels? are some of the questions answered by Candace from a Swedenborgian perspective. Letters have not only come from seekers in Australia, Japan, and Kenya, but also from Ken Burns, Maya Angelou, M. Scott Peck, John Bradshaw, and Norman Cousins.

Author Bio

Candace Frazee has been answering questions since 1988 about Emanuel Swedenborg and his theology on life and death in her monthly newsletter SILA.


Winner, 2010 International Book Award, New Age: Non-Fiction category

"This book is truly life changing. It made Swedenborg's revelations come alive in an easy to read style in today's language. If you are new to Swedenborg or have been reading his books for years you WILL be impressed, I guarantee it! This book is worth its weight in gold! I'm so grateful to Candace for putting the time and meticulous research into this book so the world could benefit. It was fun to get to know her warm and colourful spirit too!" - Liz Lichti