The Presence of Other Worlds

  • The Presence of Other Worlds
  • The Presence of Other Worlds

The Presence of Other Worlds


by Swedenborg Foundation



The Presence of Other Worlds
Wilson Van Dusen

Release date: 2004, 256 pages, paperback
In 1974, Wilson Van Dusen published a groundbreaking study on the findings of Emanuel Swedenborg, a book that has inspired thousands to look more closely into Swedenborg's works and to consider the implications of living a useful and thoughtfully directed life. Now, on the thirtieth anniversary of this remarkable work, Chrysalis Books presents an updated second edition of the best-selling book ever published on the philosophy and theology of Emanuel Swedenborg. An account of the monumental journey of an eighteenth-century scientist and philosopher into the depths of his own mind and to spiritual worlds beyond, The Presence of Other Worlds shows how Swedenborg's personal experiences radiate with insights about psychological and spiritual developments that are relevant to modern-day seekers. It has been hailed since its first publication as a passport for all spiritual voyagers into the human psyche and the inner sanctum of the afterlife. Dr. Raymond Moody, author of Life After Life, provides a foreword that explains the importance of Swedenborg's mystical experiences in connection with the near-death experience. Dr. James Lawrence presents a tribute to Wilson Van Dusen and his enduring legacy in an afterword.

Author Bio

Wilson Van Dusen Ph.D. in clinical psychology spent his professional years working with schizophrenics. As a psychologist, he gravitated toward the depths of human experience, with a special reference to the human potential for the experience of God. An accomplished writer, his later books focus on the spiritual universal that transcends cultural and doctrinal differences.


The Presence of Other Worlds is an excellent introduction to Swedenborg's works, especially for readers with an interest in psychology and a mystical turn of mind." from the foreword by Dr. Raymond Moody

It is the most advanced work available on Swedenborg's inner states and the several heroic means he used to approach the Divine.