The Natural Basis of Spiritual Reality

  • The Natural Basis of Spiritual Reality
  • The Natural Basis of Spiritual Reality

The Natural Basis of Spiritual Reality


by Swedenborg Scientific Assn

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The Natural Basis of Spiritual Reality
Author : Norman J. Berridge
Format : Hardback, 387 pages
Release date : 2001

"The body of man is the natural object corresponding most closely to heaven and having the greatest relevance to the truly human form. Hence it is that human anatomy and physiology facilitate our understanding of the doctrine of the Grand Man. How delightful it is to think about the beauty and wonder of the bodily structure and function and at the same time to realize that it is the product of the Lord's love and wisdom descended by degrees through heavens. One may easily be lost in wonder and praise. Yet this joyful experience is only a small trace of what it could be if more study, more time and more people were devoted to building temples of wisdom on the foundations of nature." From the Preface

The book contains nineteen chapters. The first three provide the theoretical basis for the text, drawing on ideas in the Writings of Swedenborg. Then follow fifteen chapters in which the correspondences of nine major bodily organs and systems are explored. The closing Chapter 19 is titled "The interface between the Spiritual and the Physical." Dr. Berridge spent a lifetime as a research biochemist and has written a book in which the religion and science dialog takes on new meaning through the doctrine of correspondences.

With anatomical drawings by Linda Simonetti Odhner.

Author Bio

The ideas of this book began to develop in Norman Berridge's inquiring mind while he was studying biochemistry at Birmingham University, and first began to read Swedenborg's theological Writings. This led him on a philosophic-scientific odyssey which continued through the years of his professional development in a distinguished scientific career.

Dr. Berridge published more than 40 papers during these years concerning biochemical and physiological researches having significant applications in agriculture, food processing, health, and medicine; some of which work earned him recognition as a world authority in his field.

During these busy, scientifically productive years, Dr Berridge also continued his creative philosophizing about science, and published a series of studies of the spiritual correspondences of the human body. This series, "Thinking from Correspondences," became the nucleus of the present book.