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The Holy Center


by Swedenborg Foundation



The Holy Center
A Biblical Path to the Presence Within
Author : Dorothea Harvey
Format : Paperback, 160 pages
Release date : 2005

How are we to read the Bible - literally or figuratively? By examining the concept of the Holy Center, or the Tabernacle, Dorothea Harvey explains how the literal laws for ritual sacrifice - delineated in the books of Exodus and Leviticus - can be understood in a modern, figurative sense and applied to atonement for our personal transgressions, reuniting us with the Divine Presence residing in the center of our lives. At the end of each chapter, Dr. Harvey suggests a meditation based on the biblical selection and offers a personal prayer of thanksgiving for the spiritual renewal that the Word offers.

Author Bio

Dr. Dorothea Harvey received her M.Div. at Union Theological Seminary and her Ph.D. in Literature of Religion at Columbia University. Now retired, she taught at Wellesley College, Milwaukee-Downer College, Lawrence University, and Urbana College. She is a minister in the Swedenborgian Church. Other publications by Dr. Harvey include works in the areas of literary forms, the prophets, forms of worship, and women in the Hebrew bible.


"This is biblical spirituality at its best. With insight backed by outstanding scholarship, Dorothea Harvey probes some of the most inaccessible Bible passages and renders them rich with meaning. Through skillful excavation, ritual practices from the ancient Jewish tabernacle become surprisingly applicable to spiritual issues we face in our own times." - Rev. Dr. James Lawrence, Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, California

"The Bible's timeless wisdom requires timely interpretation if it is to be understood. Dorothea Harvey's The Holy Center, steeped in the mystical insights of Emanuel Swedenborg, reveals this wisdom to a new generation. This is a welcome gift to all spiritual seekers." - Rabbi Rami Shapiro, author of Open Secrets