The Heavenly City

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  • The Heavenly City

The Heavenly City


by Swedenborg Foundation



The Heavenly City
A Spiritual Guidebook
Author : Emanuel Swedenborg
Translator : Lee Woofenden (1993)
Format : Paperback, 112 pages
Release date : 1993

In Emanuel Swedenborg's short work The New Jerusalem and Its Heavenly Doctrine, Swedenborg transforms many conventional religious ideas into vital new concepts, exploring the stages of spiritual growth, examining the deeper structure of the human mind, and giving new meaning to many Christian beliefs and practices. This modern translation by Lee Woofenden puts Swedenborg's timeless ideas in simple, readable English.


In an age of ecumenism, this readable translation makes available a spiritual vision that was in principle ecumenical and saw no incompatibility between science and religion. Swedenborg's teachings on kindness and his critique of materialism are especially relevant today in the midst of the complex dynamics drawing us toward a global community. At the same time, his teachings on personal immortality can inspire hope in an age when many are entrapped in exclusive temporal concerns. - Ewart Cousins, editor of Classics of Western Spirituality

This felicitous translation makes Swedenborg's little gem, The Heavenly City, accessible to the general reader. Like our dreams and creative productions, the sacred scriptures for Swedenborg carry deep psycho-spiritual truths about their source, the Creative Mind at the heart of the universe. Swedenborg moves from the visionary image of the Holy City in the Revelation of John into a compelling essay on the growth and development of the soul. - Stephen Larsen, author, A Fire in the Mind: The Life of Joseph Campbell