The Four Doctrines, Hardback

  • The Four Doctrines, Hardback
  • The Four Doctrines, Hardback

The Four Doctrines, Hardback


by Swedenborg Society



The Four Doctrines
Author : Emanuel Swedenborg
Format : Hardback, 255 pages
Publication date : 1954

This book brings together Doctrine of the Lord, Doctrine of the Sacred Scripture, Doctrine of Faith, and Doctrine of Life in one volume. Each of the works in this volume is accompanied by an Index of Scripture Passages.
In this work Swedenborg restates four leading doctrines of the Christian religion. These doctrines are drawn from, and substantiated by, numerous passages from the Divine Word, examined as a unified whole:-

The Lord: A comprehensive study of the Word, showing that God is One and is the Word made flesh. Also explained is the purpose of the Lord's coming into the world and the true nature of the Trinity.

The Sacred Scripture: Dealing with the spiritual sense of the Word and how it relates to the natural. Using both the Old and New Testaments, the author reinterprets the Scriptures in terms which are readable, practical, and stimulating.

Life: A treatise on the spiritual sense of the Ten Commandments and an analysis of the process of shunning evils and doing good.

Faith: Shows that faith separated from charity destroys the church and spiritual life.