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The Arrivals


by Swedenborg Foundation



The Arrivals
Author : Naomi Gladish Smith
Format : Paperback, 352 pages
Release date : 2004

Flight 785 is bound for London and Brussels, but its passengers are destined to arrive at an unexpected destination. Theirs is a journey that will continue until they each find their true home and, in the process, uncover their innermost being.

Written by Naomi Gladish Smith, The Arrivals will intrigue readers from all walks of life and faiths and provoke discussion. We follow a small group of travelers - a husband and wife on their way to Ireland, a young woman beginning a fellowship at a prestigious British university, business people on their way to various conferences and meetings in Brussels, a minister coming to terms with his wife's desertion and his own fading faith, a small boy going to meet his mother in London - as they slowly unravel the mystery of the afterlife and learn that home is truly where the heart is.

Author Bio

Naomi Gladish Smith is the author of two other novels about the afterlife making up a trilogy, The Wanderers (2007) and The Searchers (2011). Her essays and articles have appeared in a number of anthologies and other publications. You can visit her website at


"This beautiful novel is an intelligently conceived, articulately written story with luminous moments that offer deep insights into the mysteries of love, life, and beyond." - Alexis Masters, author of The Giuliana Legacy

"Smith's vision is extremely imaginative and ennobling." - David Michael Kaplan, author of Comfort

"Sobering, provocative, and thoroughly entertaining, . . . Puts a new spin on what might happen when you reach St. Peter's Gate." - Barbara Shoup, author of Faithful Women