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Heavenly City (by Emanuel Swedenborg) Audio Book

My Religion (by Helen Keller) Audio Book

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The Heavenly City by Emanuel Swedenborg  - talking book

 Reader: Barry Eaton

My Religion by Helen Keller - talking book

Reader: Lillian Gish

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Michael Stanley talks

  • Summary:
    Michael Stanley looks at various aspects concerning Life after Death, the limitations of the scientific method in investigating this area, and how Emanuel Swedenborg became a reliable observer of life after death in the spiritual world.

    Transcript: Life After Death text

  • Summary:
    Michael Stanley persuasively shows that the mind operates independently of the brain and that when we physically die the brain loses a channel of input of impressions – namely the signals coming in from our physical senses. He builds a line of reason that supports the belief that the mind is superior to and independent of the brain and that all the appearances of the world reside in the mind. He then describes the findings of research carried out on OBE (Out Of Body) experiences and NDE (Near Death Experiences). He summarizes the work of Dr Raymond Moody, Dr Rawlings and Dr Kenneth Ring. Included are the lessons these people learn. For example, Near Death Experiencers say their experience taught them the importance of cultivating a love for others in this life. After comprehensively covering the NDE, which lies at the threshold of the world of the mind or spirit, Michael Stanley asks the question: Has anyone gone beyond these experiences and explored further into the spiritual world without actually dying? He and many others believe Emanuel Swedenborg is easily the best witness and provides reasons for supporting such a belief. An excellent short description is given of Swedenborg’s observations of what happens when people enter the spiritual world, upon physical death. He then provides an excellent conclusion highlighting the choice people need to make in regards to life after death, listing some of the consequences of accepting the popular scientific view of life and one that takes into account the limits of science and people’s experiences beyond the body and the claims of Swedenborg. A wonderful cohesive presentation that is highly recommended.

    Transcript: Evidence of Life After Death text

  • Summary:
    Existence in the Spiritual World after death is governed by definite spiritual laws and conditions, which have been discovered and discussed by the scientist Swedenborg on the basis of his 27 years of direct experience in this world of the deceased. It is clear that being aware of these eternal laws is of great value and importance for our life here and now.

    Transcript: Laws of the Spiritual World text

  • Summary:
    The two worlds, spiritual and natural, are far more interconnected than is commonly believed. Nature's forms and individual and global events are strongly influenced by corresponding forms and events in the spiritual world. The importance and purpose of this connection is evaluated in relation to our individual lives and decisions.
    Transcript: The Effect of the Other World on this World text

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