Swedenborg's Mighty Contribution

  • Swedenborg's Mighty Contribution
  • Swedenborg's Mighty Contribution

Swedenborg's Mighty Contribution


by Swedenborg Centre



Swedenborg's Mighty Contribution to the welfare of the soul.
 Philip W. Groves
 1997, 157 page paperback and leather bound
 A compilation of eight lectures presented over a period of 11 years in Sydney including Swedenborg's View of the Individual; Swedenborg's Spiritual Psychology; Myths, Symbols and Parables; Phantasy and Reality; Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs; The Spiritual foundations of Biology; and Swedenborg's Vision: A Quantum Leap in Time. The book is well illustrated together with eight exquisite full colour mandala plates.


Everyone needs to read this book, as the ideas in it are such excellent catalysts for enriching the life of any spiritual seeker. Each chapter is packed with a powerful message: how to take an area of human interest and fertilise our spiritual growth and regeneration with it by feeding it with Swedenborg?s insights. For example, the language of correspondences that Swedenborg was frequently urging us to learn can be very useful for casting light on the meaning of dreams, myths and parables, the findings of modern science, or wisdom in the hieroglyphs of the Egyptians, so that we might benefit from the rich and relevant instructions these all contain. Matters of our mind and soul are also covered using Swedenborg's insights and spiced with Dr Philip Groves' thorough personal understanding of science and psychology, as these are explored with clarity and sincerity as Dr Groves seeks to give us some practical tools to reframe our sense of identity, purpose, destiny as well as helping us distinguish fantasy and falsity from ultimate reality. The notes are generously sprinkled with helpful diagrams and beautified by the exquisite colourful art of the multi-talented Dr Rosemary Lorenz. Each topic could be considered a signpost to the Divine using the value of Swedenborg's work. Chapters are drawn from an eleven-year set of lectures delivered by Dr Groves who with his characteristic boundless energy, enthusiasm, breadth of insight and good humour delivered this material while he appealed to us to not only hear and read it but to weave it into the very fabric of our spiritual lives. Only then can we enjoy any real spiritual benefits from these writings and those of Swedenborg. - Joe Vandermeer 2015