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  • Swedenborg Researcher's Manual

Swedenborg Researcher's Manual


by Swedenborg Scientific Assn



Swedenborg Researcher's Manual
Author : William Ross Woofenden
Format : Hardback, 366 pages
Release date : 1988

A reference tool which gives the reader a comprehensive idea of the range and extent of both Swedenborg's own work & of the collateral literature on Swedenborg's thought which has been produced in the past two centuries. In the Introduction the author says "What I have tried to do is to include in this book all the basic data I reasonably could in a single volume, together with information about where major collections of Swedenborgiana are located and brief descriptions of the contents of those collections."

The work consists of five parts as follows: 1. Swedenborg's complete lifetime literary output.
2. Collateral literature, a selection.
3. Glossary of special or technical terms.
4. Selected list of key concepts in Swedenborg.
5. Major documentary collections worldwide.

It should be on the shelves of every college, university, and public library, particularly in this present period of growing awareness of the profound influence of Swedenborg's immense literary output. Index.

Author Bio

William Ross Woofenden is a leading Swedenborgian scholar. He holds an MA and a PhD from St. Louis University and is a retired professor from the Swedenborg School of Religion, formerly in Newton, Massachusetts, where he taught theology and philosophy for twenty years. He served as founder and editor of the journal Studia Swedenborgiana and series editor for the Redesigned Standard Edition of the Works of Emanuel Swedenborg.


"We need a Swedenborg Researcher's Manual. This may come as a surprise to some who have not had the pleasure of wandering in the Swedenborg forest and thicket. I myself have collected and use every Swedenborg concordance and reference work available . . . The scholar who enjoys wandering these paths [in Swedenborg's prodigious literary output] needs all the help he can get. Bill Woofenden is a scholar's scholar. He enjoys putting things in order for us to use. And this particular realm needs his helpful hand." - Wilson Van Dusen