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Spirituality That Makes Sense


by Swedenborg Foundation



Spirituality That Makes Sense
Author : Douglas Taylor
Format : Paperback, 190 pages
Release date : 2000

For those who seek solutions to religious mysteries and learn more about Swedenborg's ideas. Explanations of the concepts of the Creator as the Redeemer, the spiritual world, redemption & the Trinity. Taylor looks at personal morality in Swedenborgian terms, addressing such concerns as what is "saving" faith, what is the nature of evil, how to escape from evil feelings, and why we must take responsibility for our actions.

Author Bio

Douglas Taylor, was born in Terang, Victoria State, Australia. He received a BA from the University of Adelaide and went on to earn a Diploma in Education in Edinburgh, Scotland. While teaching French and English literature at a private school, he encountered the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg and was instantly hooked, eventually becoming ordained as a Swedenborgian minister. He is the author of Escape from Egypt, Landmarks in Regeneration, and Hidden levels of the Mind, and he currently lives in Bryn Athyn with his wife, Christine.


As a young school teacher, Douglas Taylor turned to Emanuel Swedenborg's Heavenly Doctrine because its language of symbol made perfect sense to him as the way to understand the Bible. Taylor's new book is an easily understood overview of Swedenborgian thought - a theology that "makes sense". Developing a clear idea of God, Taylor says, "is of supreme importance and has consequences to eternity."