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Spiritual Recovery


by Swedenborg Foundation



Spiritual Recovery
Author : Grant Schnarr
Format : Paperback. 117 pages
Release date : 1998

Description :

Twelve-step programs, based on psychological and spiritual development, serve all who desire spiritual growth. Using a twelve-step approach, author Grant Schnarr presents readers with a path to freedom, away from destructive tendencies, toward a life of greater awareness of others and self, a deeper relationship with God, and greater joy. Filled with practical advice for incorporating the twelve steps into life.

Author Bio :

Grant R. Schnarr is a teacher, certified life-coach, and Senior Pastor of Newchurchlive.tv, a live televised spiritual broadcast which reaches people world-wide. He is the author of several books on spiritual growth and recovery. His recent work The Art of Spiritual Warfare, published by Quest Books, has been published in several languages on four continents. He has written three other works for the Swedenborg Foundation Publishers: Return to the Promised Land, Spiritual Recovery, and Way of Wisdom, which was co-edited with Eric Buss. Learn more about him at his author's web site: www.grantschnarr.com


"Spiritual Recovery . . . charts a path to freedom from unconscious compulsions born of guilt, fear, anger,want and resentment. . . . Grant Schnarr uses lively, compelling anecdotes to show how to recognize and break free from addictive thoughts and behaviors." -- Wisconsin Bookwatch