Emanuel Swedenborg : Scientist and Mystic 
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by Signe Toksvig

High quality work of great value for those interested in Swedenborg and his teachings. This classic Swedenborg biography has sharp, witty, personal insight into one of the greatest men who ever lived. Vividly pictures Swedenborg's life, people and places. Meticulously researched. Examines his childhood and scientific training, discusses the spiritual crisis that launched Swedenborg's visionary writings. Several chapters devoted to putting his experience in the context of psychology-parapsychology. Fascinating, informative look at Swedenborg's world, conveys Swedenborg's writings very clearly. Introduction by Brian Kingslake.

Rise Above It, Spiritual Development through the Ten Commandments 
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by Ray and Star Silverman

Excellent guide for modern daily living based on fifteen years of spiritual regeneration seminars in universities, parent groups, prisons and remote African villages. Filled with useful, candid and inspiring journal entries from participants, inviting you to enter a life of ever increasing love, wisdom and service. Shows the Ten Commandments in each major religion. Step by step guide to leading to a more rewarding regenerated life.