Sex, Eros, Marital Love

  • Sex, Eros, Marital Love
  • Sex, Eros, Marital Love

Sex, Eros, Marital Love


by Swedenborg Centre



Sex, Eros, Marital Love
 A study of their Psycho-spiritual origins
Author : Gerhard Gollwitzer
Translator : Tomas H Spiers
Foreword by : Wilson Van Dusen
Format : Paperback, 62 pages
Release date : 1982

A scholarly study of the spiritual significance of sex in the order of God's creation as a matter of great social and religious importance. Introduces Conjugial Love.

Author Bio

Gerhard Gollwitzer was born in 1906 in Germany. He majored in fine arts and embarked upon a career as a teacher. In 1946 he was appointed Professor of Creative Arts at the State Academy of Arts in Stuttgart. Meanwhile, following a period of study and research in India, he became known as an authority on Indian marriage customs. In 1937 he married the Indian-born actress Lalita Schrader, daughter of a German Indologist.

 He is also the author of books that have been used as texts in the field of art, and others of a philosophical and religious nature.