Secrets of Heaven Vol 2 (Deluxe Hardback)

  • Secrets of Heaven Vol 2 (Deluxe Hardback)
  • Secrets of Heaven Vol 2 (Deluxe Hardback)

Secrets of Heaven Vol 2 (Deluxe Hardback)


by Swedenborg Foundation



Secrets of Heaven
Volume 2: Genesis 9-15
Author : Emanuel Swedenborg
Translator : Lisa Hyatt Cooper
Format : Deluxe hardback. Includes an introduction that places the work in its historical context, annotations explaining obscure references within the text, indexes, bibliographies, and other reference material.
Series : New Century Edition
Secrets of Heaven is a verse-by-verse exposition of Genesis and Exodus, showing the correspondences (connections through symbol between the material and spiritual world) in which, according to Swedenborg?s analysis, the Bible is written. Each chapter includes embedded sections describing Swedenborg?s spiritual experiences and expounding his theological views.
This book series is Swedenborg?s largest and in many ways most challenging title, but it contains abundant points of interest to reward the adventurous reader. In addition to a deep exploration of biblical inner meaning, it presents Swedenborg?s transcendent visions of heaven and correspondingly horrific views of hell; his reports on the process of dying and entering life after death; his spiritual anthropology (specifically, his descriptions of the spiritual state of the earliest people); and his views on many other topics, including the correspondences of the organs and systems of the human body, the theory of a higher and more perfect level of memory above our conscious memory, the existence and nature of human life on other planets, the dual nature of visions and dreams, and the nature of the human mind and its developmental stages.
Volume 2 provides the inner meaning of Genesis 9?15. Here the rise of a new and major religious culture is symbolized by the story of Noah and his descendants, and the eventual collapse of that culture by the destruction of the tower of Babel. After this point a shift in focus occurs: the inner meaning now concerns the spiritual aspects of Jesus?s life. The literal story continues with Abram?s call to Canaan, symbolizing Jesus?s first realization of his divine purpose. Within this volume Swedenborg also completes his description of hell and addresses the nature of time, space, language, and the Bible in the spiritual world.


"With regard to Swedenborg's Secrets of Heaven, there never was a time more pressing than now to understand that the internal spiritual meaning of the Christian Bible refers not to the special dispensation of one sect, but to the evolution of a higher spiritual consciousness within each individual." Eugene Taylor, Ph.D., director of the Cambridge Institute of Psychology and Religion.