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Science & Esoteric Wisdom


by Triam Press

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Science & Esoteric Wisdom.
Philip W Groves
Paperback, 193 pages.
Science & Esoteric Wisdom is a compilation of public lectures in Sydney by Dr Groves between 1994 and 1998.The material is variously a detailed study of a single aspect of the natural world as, for instance, in the chapters on the Lymphatic system, a Psychological View of Anatomy, and Plant and Human Interaction. It is also a study of the esoteric as it has been presented at different times in Ancient Egypt, Sufi material and more currently in the Fourth Way. These chapters are all woven together with a common thread which is the wonder and appreciation of the Divine the source of all creation.


 1 Ancient Wisdom Modern Science
 2 The Lymphatic System and the Emotions
 3 The War Against Time
 4 Egyptian Symbols and psychological imagery
 5 Plants and Humans in Functional Interaction
 6 Micro-life a perspective
 7 Active Imagination  A powerful Mental Tool
 8 A Psychological View of Human Anatomy
 9 Life in the Fast Lane
10 Healing as Ritual and Symbol
11 Introduction to Esoteric Studies
12 Making inroads into Oneself
13 The Non-passive psyche