Reflections on Providence

  • Reflections on Providence
  • Reflections on Providence

Reflections on Providence


by Fountain Publishing



Reflections on Providence
Author : Frank S Rose
Format : Paperback, 109 pages
Release date : 2009

How does God take care of us throughout our lives? This little paperback offers us ways to recognize God's care and guidance. Taking key concepts from Emanuel Swedenborg's Divine Providence, Frank Rose discusses each point using accessible, everyday examples and language. In this book we are guided to see the incredible love and attention God brings to us each day. God always allows us our freedom, yet does all that is possible to guide us to happiness.

Author Bio

Frank S. Rose was born in 1927 in Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania, the ninth child of Don and Marjorie Rose. Frank began painting in his teens. He graduated from the Bryn Athyn Theological School in 1952 and then served for 51 years as an ordained clergyman in Europe, Canada and the United States, doing painting on the side. Frank and his wife Louise moved to Tucson, Arizona in 1982 where he served as pastor of Sunrise Chapel until his retirement in 2003. He is a past president of the Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild and a member of the Arizona Native Plant Society. Since his retirement he has devoted himself to art and photography, combining it with an interest in botany, and also to writing.


Frank Rose tackles some of the really essential questions of living in this little book. He has a wonderful perspective on why the Lord made the world as it is, and not some more "ideal" way. It only takes a few minutes to read each chapter, and the essays are all informative and uplifting. - John K. Baty