Philip W Groves

Dr Philip W Groves (1920-1999) was highly educated in a broad range of subjects, having PhD’s in Biochemistry, Psychology and Divinity, was a qualified and practising Naturopath and Psychotherapist, and had extensive knowledge of Chemistry, Marine Biology, Egyptology, Comparative Religion and Botany.
 He taught for over 40 years in universities, natural therapy colleges, and privately with groups of people drawn to his teachings. The foundation of his teaching, whatever the topic, was always to guide people into the abundance of life, the creative expression of life’s potentials, as well as developing greater knowledge and understanding of the world in which we live.
 These goals were explored by the practical application and real methodology founded in Esoteric Christianity, Sufism, and the works of Gurdjieff and Emanuel Swedenborg, as well as science, history, botany and psychology.
 He demonstrated at all times, in his life and his teaching, a great love of the world and of spiritual Work, and these qualities are readily available in his books.

  • Swedenborg's Mighty Contribution

    Swedenborg's Mighty Contribution


    by Swedenborg Centre

    Swedenborg's Mighty Contribution to the welfare of the soul.  Philip W. Groves  1997, 157 page paperback and leather bound  A compilation of eight lectures presente… $15.00
  • Swedenborg: The Dynamics of Transformation

    Swedenborg: The Dynamics of Transformation


    by Triam Press

    Swedenborg: The Dynamics of Transformation Philip W Groves Paperback, 63 pages. Usually $15, on special for $10. Swedenborg: The Dynamics of Transformation is a booklet feat… $15.00