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IssueMain Articles
June 2020

'Is Snow White a Christmas Story?' by Joe Vandermeer
'Cinderella Retold' by David Millar
Dec 2019

'Around the world in 22 ways' by Joe Vandermeer
'A Christmas Carol' by Michael Chester
'Our Spiritual Heredity' by Julian Duckworth
Mar 2020

'Helen Keller' by Wayne Kasmar
'In the beginning was the Word' by Brian Bouton
'Video on sickness and disease' by Michael Chester
'Inner Well-being' by Stephen Russell-Lacy
'Correspondence of rain' by Julian Duckworth
Dec 2019

'Around the world in 22 ways' by Joe Vandermeer
'A Christmas Carol' by Michael Chester
'Our Spiritual Heredity' by Julian Duckworth
Sep 2019

'Studying with the New Christian Bible Study' by Michael Chester
'On Reading the Word' by Howard Thompson
'Letters on Jigsaw Pieces' by Joe Vandermeer
'Poetry' by James Baillie
June 2019

'Why we should pray' by Julian Duckworth
'Adelaide Christian New Church' by June Johnson
'Is Swedenborg Progressive?' by Wayne Kasmar
'Swedenborg’s use of the word Divine' by Julian Duckworth
'New Christian Bible Study' by Michael Chester
February 2019

'Is God Evil?' by David Moffat
'The Tale of the Angel' by George Parfoot
'Allow me to introduce myself' Howard Thompson
'Necks' by Julian Duckworth
November 2018

'What's Your Truth' by Stan Deutscher
'Inner Reminders' by Dr Philip Groves & Joe Vandermeer
'The Christ-Child' by Elizabeth Deutscher
'Keeping Christmas Well Like Ebenezer Scrooge' by Mark D. Roberts & Michael Chester
'This World and the Next' by Julian Duckworth

August 2018

'Who do you love more: yourself or your children?' by Todd Beiswenger
'How spiritual growth makes you more you' from Swedenborg Foundation website
'Mr Angel'
'Previously unknown Swedenborg manuscript discovered' by Julian Duckworth

June 2018

'Generation - How and Why we have sex' by Julian Duckworth
'Angels and Connections' by Wayne Kasmar
'Cosmic Good' by Wilson Van Dusen

February 2018

'Martine Negro on Wellbeing' by Michael Chester
'New Christian Bible Study website' by Julian Duckworth
'Preparation for the Spiritual World' by Wilson Van Dusen
'Spiritual awakening in children' by Stephen Russell-Lacy
'From Spiritual Diary' by Wayne Kasmar

November 2017

'St Nicholas is feeling the heat' by Joe Vandermeer
'The Christ Child' by Elizabeth Deutscher
'Letter to the Swedenborg Centre' by James Baillie
'Victorian Fiction and Swedenborg'
'New Year' by Elizabeth Deutscher

August 2017

'Immortal lives of animals and people' by Julian Duckworth
'Dr Groves encounters Swedenborg' a Bill Hall tribute
'About time' by John Brogan

May 2017

'Question - Is hell for ever?' by Wayne Kasmar
'Circle of Spiritual Practice'
'The idea of us as a city' by Julian Duckworth

February 2017

'Swedenborg's Dharma (part 2) ' by Walter Mason
'Swedenborg on Colours' by Julian Duckworth
'Building Conscious Attention' by David Millar
'Finding Swedenborg' by Ben Tranter

November 2016

'A Fortunate Life' by Lillian King
'The Two Christmas Stories' by Wayne Kasmar
'Swedenborg and the Brain' by Julian Duckworth
'The Tunnel' by Brian Kingslake

August 2016

'New Director' by Michael Chester
'Finland is not far away' by Carl Sarelius
'Swedenborg Resources 2' by Joe Vandermeer
'Swedenborg's Dharma 1 ' by Walter Mason

May 2016

'A Swedenborg Anthology' by Julian Duckworth
'Swedenborg Resources 1' by Joe Vandermeer
'Battle with yourself - How to win' by Stephen Russell-Lacy
'What Swedenborg actually says' by Julian Duckworth

February 2016

'Evening Devotion' by Elizabeth Deutscher
'Two Scientist Seers' by Geoff Forster
'A Swedenborg Anthology'
'Andrew Carnegie'
'A 'fine tuning' of the Universe' by John Wilson
'Exodus from Zambia' by Elizabeth Deutscher

November 2015

'Afterlife Conference' by Michael Chester
'Swedenborg, Afterlife Witness' by Joe Vandermeer
'Discovering Swedenborg' book review by Geoff Forster

August 2015

'A moment in time' by John Brogan
'SAA website update', by Joe Vandermeer
'C.V.A. Hasler' by Ruth Duckworth
'Swedenborg and Exoplanets' by Wayne Kasmar
'The spiritual way of life' by Lillian King
'Spirituality and Health' by Geoff Forster
'Goods and Truths' by Julian Duckworth

May 2015

'Whole in One' by Geoff Forster
'Confessions of a Bibliophile', by Joe Vandermeer
'Bible Study Notes review' by Wayne Kasmar
'Spiritual idea of a book' by Julian Duckworth
'Vale Chris Skinner' by Neville Jarvis
'Arabella's New Year' by Brian Kingslake

February 2015
"The Mystery of Understanding"

'Getting it' by Julian Duckworth
'Growing in Understanding', by Michael Chester
'Mystery of the Spirit' by Wayne Kasmar
'Subtle Understanding' by Wilson van Dusen
'Etymology of understanding' by Julian Duckworth

November 2014
"Who is my Neighbour"

'Loving one's neighbour' by Wayne Kasmar
'Swedenborg's Namasté', by Julian Duckworth
'Making sense of Christmas' by Jeremy Simons
'Needs and Deeds' by Sasha Silverman
'Excuse me, but are you a trinity?' by Christopher Hasler

August 2014
"Our Shadow Side"

'Our lower nature' by Julian Duckworth
'Spiritual Orientation', by Wayne Kasmar
'The Individuation Process' by Claire Dunne
'Me and my shadow' by Joe Vandermeer

May 2014
"Music and Harmony"

'Musical Musings' by Joe Vandermeer
'Music in my Life', by Lillian King
'Power of Music' by Geoff Forster
'Music and Dying' by Claire Dunne
'Music of the Spirit' by David Moffat
'Celestial Music' by Wilson Van Dusen

Feb 2014

Excerpts from books on Correspondences
'The Correspondence of Birds', by Patrick L. Johnson
'Vale Ursula Groll' by Neville Jarvis

Dec 2013
"Personal Values"

'God's care of all infants', by Christopher Hasler
'Moral dimension of illness Part 2', by John Maitland
'Religious Life' by Julian Duckworth
Correspondences - Inns and Stars

Sept 2013
"Wholistic Health"

'Prayer, church and diet', by Geoff Forster
'Moral dimension of illness Part 1', by John Maitland
'Divine Creation' by Wayne Kasmar

Jun 2013
"The Kingdom of God is within you"

'Earliest memories', by Chris Hasler
'The Kingdom within', by Julian Duckworth
'Correspondences - City'
'Divine Creation' by Joe Vandermeer
Swedenborg's words - Conscience, Influx and Proprium

Mar 2013
"Expressions of the Divine" 

'The Divine in Nature', by Michael Chester
'Breath of Life', by Michael Wright
'Expressions of the Divine', by Andrew Heslop
Expressions of the Divine articles by Chris Hasler, Wayne Kasmar and others

Dec 2012
"The Starry Heavens" 

'President's message', by Robert Bryce
'Virgil's prophecy of Christ's birth', by Julian Duckworth
'A spiritual star shines by heavenly power', by Michael Chester
'We find what we look for' by Walter Mason
'As Above, So Below' by Joe Vandermeer
'Stardust Mystery' by Wayne Kasmar
'Correspondence of cattle'

Sept 2012
"20 Years of the SAA" 

'President's message', by Joe Vandermeer
'Swedenborg and Architecture', by John Brogan
'History of SAA', by Neville Jarvis
'My journey with the SAA' by Kevin Attwater
'Notes on a pilgrimage' by Caroline Neave
'Pilgrimage to India' by Michael Wright

June 2012
"Divine Providence 145" 

'Spheres', by Ian Arnold
'Michelangelo’s God', by Wayne Kasmar
'Hidden Eve' by Suzanne Hudson
Readers Contributions to Divine Providence 145
'The Joy of Sharing' by Bill Hall

Mar 2012
"New Beginnings" 

'Beginning a new life', by Horand Gutfeldt
'Twelve steps to Spiritual Freedom'
'New Every Year, New Every Morning' by Lee Woofenden
'New Beginnings' by Bill Hall
Readers Contributions

Dec 2011


'The gift of Giving', by Neville Jarvis
'We can give gold, frankincense and myrrh too', by Julian Duckworth
'A Swedenborgian understanding of Christmas' by Wayne Kasmar
Readers Contributions

Sept 2011

"Sacred text - God speaking to us" 

The last judgement before this one, by Charlie Canning
A love story - Sacred Text as Divine Revelation, by David Millar
Sacred texts on birds

June 2011

"Age: maturing in wisdom" 

Old Age? by Christopher V A Hasler
Swedenborg and aging, by Janice Daw
Various poems
Book Review of 'Rooted in Spirit' by Elizabeth Kemmis
Interview with Rosemary Greenwood, by Julian Duckworth

March 2011

"Accepting the Shadow Side" 

The Word and the shadow side, by Wayne Kasmar
Understanding the shadow, by Joanne Southcombe
'Swedenborg, a man of his time, a man for all time' part 2, by John Maitland
Many shades of shadow, by Nicole Gruel

December 2010

"Endings and beginnings" 

Tom Bass reflection by Michael J Wright
'Swedenborg, a man of his time, a man for all time' part 1, by John Maitland
'The richness of life opens up wonderful beginnings' by Michael Chester

September 2010

"Inner contentment - Outer peace" 

The restlessness of nature by Wayne Kasmar
Living in the moment by Hew Dalrymple
The third noble truth by Walter Mason
Freedom to choose by Bill Hall
I wish you well by Julian Duckworth

June 2010

"Look back in wonder" 

Look back in wonder
Perspectives on freedom by David Moffat
Book review: After Lives by John Casey
Book review: Spiritual Foundations by Dr Philip Groves
Book review: Reflections on Providence by Frank Rose

March 2010

"Everything has meaning"

Swedenborg’s system of Correspondences
The Meaning behind things
Is there really a reason for everything?
Buddhist parallels with correspondences

December 2009

"Becoming Angelic"

Angels in training
New Publication - Beyond the Fourth Way
People are born to become angels
Caring for God - A Christmas message
Spiritual Literacy - selections

September 2009

"Healing, Health and Wholeness"

The Meaning of Health & Illness
New Publication - Heart, Head & Hands
Health, Healing and Wholeness
Natural and Spiritual Health
Lot's Wife

June 2009

"Coincidences - Mystical Links"

Nothing Unconnected Ever Happens
Neville Jarvis to Retire
Recently Released Publications - Correspondences of the Bible
Correspondence Column - Snow
Chance Reading on Three Continents

March 2009

"Fast-forwarding on Eternity"

The Next World
Correspondence Column - Mist
A Dove at the Window
The Big Book on Angels
Swedenborg and Spiritualism

December 2008

"Going Within"

The Meditating Swedenborgian
Seeing the Muse
Is God Tardy?
2008 AGM - Presentation Reflections
Correspondence Column - The Holy City (4)
New Publications
The Holy land

September 2008

"Living for the sake of others"

Living Anonymously
Correspondence Column - The Holy City (3)
Loving Others

June 2008

"Sacred Space"

A Grey Old Time
A Holy Land
Correspondence Column - The Holy City (2)
Suburban Nirvana

March 2008

Jesus ~ The Man in our Midst

Jesus Today
100 Years Ago
Jesus Died for Our Sins
Correspondence Column - The Holy City (1)
GOD . . . .

December 2007

Christmas Issue

Spiritual Growth ~ Tips & Approaches
The Emerging Interfaith Movement
So you mustn't be frightened
Correspondence Column - The Snake
The Work of Robert Crookall

September 2007

Spiritual Growth & Maturity

The True Nature of Spiritual Growth
Celebration of Spring 2007
Book Reviews
Correspondence Column - Rocks
Work in Progress

June 2007

Fear - Its Pitfalls and Positives

Dealing with our Fears
Tomorrow Never Comes
The Language of Fear
New Books/MP3 Recordings
Correspondence Column - Doorways
Are You Afraid?

March 2007


What Happened to Our Sense of Community?
Group Sharing - Using the '5 Steps' Way
Community - Uses and Charity
Book Reviews
Correspondence Column - Creation

December 2006

Christmas Issue

Following Your Star
Correspondence Column - Lambs
Jesus, the man as he might have been known
We see largely with our mind . . .
Recipe for Marriage

September 2006

Male & Female He made Them

Correspondence Column - Clouds
Beyond Comparison
Love and Truth
Union of the Man and the Woman
Recipe for Marriage

June 2006

Is God in Control?
(Part 2)

What do we mean by the question ~ Is God in Control?
Correspondence Column - the Sun and Moon
God Is!
The Trinity - The Vicarious Atonement
A Member's Journey

March 2006

Is God in Control? (Part 1)

Men & Women ~ The Decision makers
Correspondence Column - Introduction
Why does God permit . . ?
Developments in the Study of Consciousness
A Light to Shine in the Darkness

December 2005

Christmas Issue

What Child is This?
The Incarnation
Book Review: Swedenborg's Secret
Developments in the Study of Consciousness
Creating Your Character
New-born joys

September 2005

The Value of Prayer

Prayer in Modern Life
The Answer
Book Review: the new age
Eastern Europe Embraces Swedenborg

June 2005

Do You Believe in Angels?

Angels in Our Lives
Vale Wilson Van Dusen
Book Review: Angels in Action
Are The Angels in Your Life?
A Glass of Milk

March 2005

Life: Be in it

The Measure you give out is the Measure you of what you receive
An Ordinary Man
Book Review: Uses
Life and the Two Minds in which we Live it
A Member's Journey

December 2004

Immanuel: God with us
Reflections on Advent
Swedenborg and the Bhagavad Gita
Candela in 2005

September 2004My Magic Angel

The Negative or Criticising Spirit
The Story of My Life - Part 4 (Swedenborg)
The Riddle of Sadhu Sundar Singh
The New Age
Time for a Rethink

June 2004In Love

Not Living too Safely
The Story of My Life - Part 3 (Swedenborg)
The Crystal City
A Member's Journey
19th June ~ A Date to Remember
Books for the Quarter

March 2004What Makes me?

The Story of My Life - Part 2 (Swedenborg)
A Member's Journey
Digital Delights
Our Life Source - the Discovery
Books for the Quarter

December 2003Love came down at Christmas

A Book Review ~Mythology
The Story of My Life - Part 1 (Swedenborg)
A Member's Journey
Books for the Quarter

September 2003The Light of Christ

A Book Review ~Swedenborg The Buddhist
Swedenborg in Kathmandu
Swedenborg in Space
A Member's Journey
The Amazing Structure of the Word
Books for the Quarter

June 2003

Choice and Wellbeing
A Member's Journey
Maurice Nicoll & Swedenborg
Book of the Month

March 2003 

Easter - The Role of Pontius Pilate
The Canberra Fires - Spiritual Lessons
A Member's Journey
Internal and External ~ God and DNA

December 2002

Living for the Sake of Others
A Member's Journey
Director Profiles
Christmas ~ A Time of Re-connecting

September 2002

Science and Religion
Director Profiles
Spanish Swedenborg Association

June 2002

The Developing Idea of God
Director Profiles
Our Search for Meaning

March 2002

Remarkable Spiritual Experiences
Director profiles
Swedenborg for Idiots
Easter Thoughts

December 2001

Revelation and the Missing Link
The Sound of Water
Director Profiles
The Coming of the Messiah

Special Tenth Anniversary Publication (2003)