The Swedenborg Association of Australia warmly welcomes any individual who may be interested in Swedenborg and his work, to take part in its activities. If you choose to become a member of the Association you will benefit by:

  • Connecting with others on the spiritual journey;
  • Pursuing areas of interest in Swedenborg through ready access to material and events;
  • Receiving a quarterly free newsletter - The Candela;
  • Obtaining a 20% discount on most items purchased from the Bookstore.
  • Receiving a free Swedenborgian-based book, CD, DVD or item each year enabling you to deepen your appreciation of Swedenborg's legacy and giving you the opportunity to introduce others to Swedenborg by sharing this item.

The current annual subscription rates are:
One year regular subscription - $40 (with credit card $42.00)
Three year regular subscription - $100 (with credit card $105)
One year concessional subscription - $30 (with credit card $31.50)
Three year concessional subscription - $70 (with credit card $73.50)
The concessional rate is applicable in certain circumstances.
Please note that paying by credit card attracts a service fee of 5% to cover bank charges.

You can download a Membership Application Form here and send it with your payment to the Registered Office, 1 Avon Road, North Ryde, NSW 2113.
Or you can do it over the phone by calling (02) 9888 1066.