The Swedenborg Centre is the Registered Office of the Swedenborg Association of Australia. Responsibility for the day-to-day activities and running of the Centre rests with the Director of the Centre, whose duties also include the implementation of certain decisions determined by the Committee of the Swedenborg Association. 

The Swedenborg Association of Australia is governed by a Committee consisting of a President, Secretary and a Treasurer, plus up to seven additional persons. This Committee is appointed by the Association's members at the Annual General Meeting. Any member of the Association is eligible to stand for any of the Committee roles.

For details of who is on the current committee please contact the Public Officer (Joe Vandermeer) at the Swedenborg Centre.

Annual General Meetings and Special General Meetings are announced to all members with details of the venue, time, agenda and any special resolutions. Accounts are provided to members prior to every Annual General Meeting. Each member is entitled to put forward any matter of interest for discussion at a General Meeting provided adequate notice is given. Every member is entitled to vote (in person or by proxy) and all matters are decided by majority vote.

The committee encourages and provides as much assistance as is practically possible for the establishment of local branches and their activities.

 Initiatives taken by individuals and local branches to further the objects and uses of the Swedenborg Association are always welcomed. 

The Registered Office of the Swedenborg Association of Australia is at:

The  Swedenborg Centre
 4 Shirley Road
 Roseville NSW 2069


To view the Constitution click on the link.