Videos on Swedenborg

Splendors of the Spirit
An excellent 60 minute film on the life and legacy of Emanuel Swedenborg.

offTheLeftEye on YouTube
A wonderful series of videos exploring the afterlife, angels and spirits, near-death experiences, God, spirituality, and more, and discuss how they relate to modern-day spiritual growth seekers.

Helpful spiritual practice websites:

Spirit and Life
This site is dedicated to bringing a spiritual perspective to living life. What you will find here are a range of videos and online courses focused primarily on working with spiritual texts as a basis for cultivating a transformative spiritual practice.

Regeneration / Spiritual Growth
Regeneration is the word that Swedenborg uses to describe our growth as spiritual beings—a process of being “created anew” as spiritual people who are bound for heaven. He describes regeneration as a three-step process, one that begins with repentance, continues with reformation, and then finally ends with regeneration.

For Swedenborg-related news and information:
Swedenborg Association of Australia Facebook Page
Swedenborg Association of Australia Blog
Swedenborg Association of Australia YouTube channel
Spiritual Questions Throwing light on human happiness and the meaning of life by exchanging spiritual questions and comments and by exploring links between Swedenborg's writings, psychology and spiritual healing.

Swedenborg's Writings Online:
The New Christian Bible Study provides lots of useful info and tools on the Bible, Spiritual topics and Swedenborg's theological works. Recommended for people interested in the literal and inner spiritual sense of the Bible. It provides plain-language explanations of Biblical stories. The theological underpinnings of the site are based on Emanuel Swedenborg's theological works.
Access Swedenborg’s theological Writings, compare different translations or use the search functions to explore specific topics for yourself.

Another place where the spiritual works of Emanuel Swedenborg are available in their entirety for reading and searching:
Swedenborg's Spiritual writings

For those wishing to read what Swedenborg had to say regarding particular Biblical passages the Kempton Project is a very impressive resource.
Kempton Project
This makes it possible to list and display what the Writings say about a passage of the Word in a couple of seconds.

Australian links:
For Swedenborgian Congregations in Australia go to:-
New Church in Australia

For courses on Swedenborg and his Writings and teachings go to:-
Australian New Church College

For articles on Swedenborg and his Writings and teachings go to:-
The New Age Journal

Overseas links:
There are many Swedenborg-related organisations around the world.
Below is a short list of Web sites, all of which contain information about Swedenborg and his spiritual teachings and their own activities, which will then put you into contact with other sites and a growing wealth of information on Emanuel Swedenborg:

Publishing and Promotion:-
Swedenborg Foundation The Swedenborg Foundation is a pre-eminent website connecting people to spiritual resources ― including books, audio-books, free or cheap ebooks, webcasts, and social media communities ― based on Swedenborg's Writings.

Swedenborg Scientific Association

Swedenborg Congregations:-
Swedenborgian Church of North America

General Church of the New Jerusalem

Information Swedenborg

Publishing and Promotion:-
The Swedenborg Society

Swedenborg related books not easily available elsewhere:-
Spiritual Wisdom Publishing Shop