Library locations + catalogues

Several of the centres located around Australia operates a free lending library from which items may be borrowed by any interested party either by personal attendance, telephone, letter, email, etc. We do request that postage be covered when applicable.

In the normal course of events, up to four titles may be borrowed for a period of one month. Overdue reminders are sent so that we can keep track of items out on loan but extensions are usually available by telephoning or emailing the particular Library.

You can view the Catalogue of titles available at the Roseville Swedenborg Centre by clicking on the sections below. The Catalogue is in Adobe format and you are able to locate titles or authors by using the PDF file search function.

A Reference Library of Swedenborg-related books no longer in print (much of it dating back to the 19th century) is maintained at the Swedenborg Centre in Roseville. This is also available for viewing in Adobe format - Reference Library. In the normal course of events, items are not available for borrowing but can be viewed by personal attendance. However, brief details of contents can be provided by email and where feasible, scanned sections provided by email or post.