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Brochures introducing Swedenborg and a selection of his ideas

Brochures introducing a selection of Swedenborg's Spiritual works

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Splendors of the Spirit - Exploring the quest, life and legacy of Emanuel Swedenborg. This is an award-winning exploration of the life of Swedish visionary Emanuel Swedenborg, produced by The Swedenborg Foundation. His detailed records contain information on how the angels spoke, the nature of heaven and hell, and the spiritual function of the universe.

Films portraying some of Swedenborg's insights.

Your Brain is Spamming You - It's funny how the only place we tolerate junkmail is the one that really messes us up.

What if - What if we are trapped by the way we think? What if its our belief systems that keep us in a life we don't want, and the way out is to put those beliefs on hold, loosen up for a bit, and open up to being asked - What if life is actually. . .

Recommended Films.
Evidence for God? - 8 minute film exploring evidence for God.

'Understanding Sickness and Disease through Swedenborg' by John Maitland. Is there meaning in sickness and disease or are our chronic illnesses just prizes in life's Black Lottery? Are sickness and disease merely chance happenings in our lives?
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Brochures introducing Swedenborg and a selection of his ideas:

Brochures introducing a selection of Swedenborg's Spiritual works:

Brochures introducing practices and guidance to spiritual growth:

Books, Booklets, Papers and Leaflets

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The Swedenborg Radio Program

The Swedenborg radio programs were broadcasted in the late 1970s and early 1980s in Sydney. These transcripts of the talks are a wonderful resource on Spiritual, Ethical and Social topics that still has relevance for today.

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