In Search of the Absolute

  • In Search of the Absolute
  • In Search of the Absolute

In Search of the Absolute


by Swedenborg Society

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In Search of the Absolute: Essays on Swedenborg and Literature
Editor : Stephen McNeilly
Format : Paperback, 103 pages
Release date : 2004

In Search of the Absolute explores Swedenborg's profound impact on modern literature. Beginning with an essay on Coleridge, Tulk and Swedenborg, the following articles discuss Swedenborg's lasting legacy on the work of R W Emerson, Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Walt Whitman, August Strindberg and Jorge Luis Borges. One aim of the essays, writes Stephen McNeilly in the Introduction, is to 'shed greater light on the influence of Swedenborg on writers of the nineteenth century to the present day'.


1 Swedenborg's Meaning is the truth : Coleridge, Tulk, and Swedenborg H J Jackson
2 Swedenborgian simile in Emersonian edification Anders Hallengren
3 Swedenborgian ideas in the poetry of Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Robert Browning Richard Lines
4 A Hermeneutic Key to the title Leaves of Grass Anders Hallengren
5 Subjectivity and Truth: Strindberg and Swedenborg Lars Bergquist
6 Swedenborg and Borges: the Mystic of the North and the Mystic in puribus Emilio R Baez-Rivera