Healing Our Worldview

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  • Healing Our Worldview

Healing Our Worldview


by Swedenborg Foundation



Healing Our Worldview
The Unity of Science and Spirituality
Author : John L. Hitchcock
Format : Paperback, 238 pages
Release date : 1999

John Hitchcock proposes a cultural evolution to heal the fragmentation in our world vision that developed when science and religion diverged centuries ago, urging us to see science and spirituality as complementary ways of knowing. Hitchcock shows how we will take a more active and grateful part in the progress of the cosmos as we learn to see holistically.

Author Bio

John L. Hitchcock, Ph.D., holds a doctorate in physics and graduate degrees in clinical mental-health counseling, phenomenology of science and religion, and astronomy. He is also the author of At Home in the Universe: Re-visioning the Cosmos with the Heart; Atoms, Snowflakes and God: The Web of the Universe; and Jung, the New Physics and Human Spirituality.


"Can we bring science and spirituality together...? Hitchcock provides a thrilling view of how this harmony and healing can be achieved." - Larry Dossey, M.D.