Essays on Spiritual Psychology

  • Essays on Spiritual Psychology
  • Essays on Spiritual Psychology

Essays on Spiritual Psychology


by Swedenborg Foundation



Essays on Spiritual Psychology
Author : Carolyn Blackmer
Editor : Stephen Larsen
Format : Paperback, 96 pages
Release date : 1991

Two essays from psychologist Carolyn Blackmer examine the psyche of Swedish scientist and theologian Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772).
The first essay, "Journal of Dreams and The Spiritual Diary," examines Swedenborg's dream diaries, written during a period of spiritual awakening. She concludes that they offer a valuable opportunity to witness the Swedenborg's transformation into "a man prepared to dissipate the narrow one-world view of reality of the Western world."
The second essay, "Swedenborg, Psychologist Extraordinaire," looks at Swedenborg's view of the mind, focusing on what he called "rational psychology." Blackmer describes Swedenborg's view of the interaction between soul and body, drawing from his often-neglected scientific works to provide a fascinating, complex model of the human mind.
An introduction from Stephen Larsen puts both Swedenborg's writings and Blackmer's analysis in the context of modern transpersonal psychology.


Carolyn Blackmer, was well versed in modern psychology and philosophy and all aspects of Swedenborg's thought. She was also an inspiried teacher and educator who reached deeply into the minds and hearts of her students. The reader will encounter herein not only a lucid distillate of Swedenborg's psychological concepts, but an accessible and concise account of how they emerged from his own profound process of personal spiritual transformation. - Stephen Larsen