Why donate?

Our ability to support groups and resources that explore Swedenborg's writing and projects to put those principles to use and help keep them relevant to modern daily life rely very much on your charitable support. The Association's funding comes from membership fees. donations, bequests, and event entry fees. The Swedenborg Centre provides resources like staff, technology, and office admin services to the SAA to ensure it is able to carry out its aims.

Donation or membership?

Becoming a member of the SAA comes with benefits listed on the membership page at

How to become a member?

Our membership page at has a list of the great benefits and further details of how to join.

How to donate?

For your convenience we are able to provide a number of different methods of donating:

Donate by Direct Deposit:

Go to your bank account and look for a Direct Deposit payment facility. Use the following details to make the deposit:

Account Name:   Swedenborg Association of Australia
BSB number:       062 281
Account number: 10242757


Account Name:   Swedenborg Centre
BSB number:       062 195
Account number: 10143630

In the description (or reference) field of your deposit, please include the word "donation" and your name.

We thank you very much for your thoughtfulness and hope you enjoy what the Association has to offer.

Donate by Credit Card (Mastercard or Visa)

You can do this over the telephone by calling us using the details in the About Us -> Contact Us page at

By Cheque:

Payable to: Swedenborg Association of Australia
Or, you could instead make it payable to: Swedenborg Centre

We thank you very much for your thoughtfulness and hope you enjoy what the Association and Centre have to offer.