Divine Providence

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Divine Providence


by Swedenborg Foundation



Divine Providence
Author : Emanuel Swedenborg
Translator : George F. Dole
Format : Portable paperback. Contains the text of the New Century Edition translation, but not the annotations or other supplementary materials found in the deluxe edition.
Series : New Century Edition
This work contains Swedenborg's solution to the 'problem of evil' - that is, to the question of how one is to reconcile the notion of a loving God with the existence of evil, hardship, and suffering. It is also something of a self-help book, showing what the individual needs to do in order to change inwardly. As a part of its general presentation of the action of divine providence, it includes a nuanced discussion of freedom of the will and arguments against two traditional Christian notions: that some people are predestined to hell and that it is possible to be saved instantly.


"Written at a time of intense philosophical and theological debate on the nature of God's governance of the world, Swedenborg's Divine Providence is in many ways far more original and thought-provoking than anything produced by his contemporaries. George F. Dole's translation is extremely readable." Glenn A. Magee, Ph.D., author, Hegel and the Hermetic

"Divine Providence, is a challenging essay on the nature of human freedom, a forceful attempt to justify God's ways to humankind. . . . Dole's eloquent new translation . . . brings an important and much-needed eighteenth-century treasure to a twenty-first-century world." Gary Lachman, author, A Secret History of Consciousness