Divine Love and Wisdom / Divine Providence

  • Divine Love and Wisdom / Divine Providence
  • Divine Love and Wisdom / Divine Providence

Divine Love and Wisdom / Divine Providence


by Swedenborg Foundation

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Divine Love and Wisdom / Divine Providence
Author : Emanuel Swedenborg
Translator : George F. Dole
Format : Deluxe hardback. Includes an introduction that places the work in its historical context, annotations explaining obscure references within the text, indexes, bibliographies, and other reference material.
Series : New Century Edition

In addition to discussing the nature of God, Divine Love and Wisdom examines the purpose of creation as well as the relationship between the physical and spiritual worlds. One of its unusual features is an extended exploration of the way the heart and lungs in the human body relate symbolically to the faculties of love and wisdom in the heart and mind. The most purely philosophical title of Swedenborg's later theological works, Divine Love and Wisdom is also the one with the strongest affinities to modern secular discourse - that is to say, it develops theological concepts for the most part without reference to the Bible. 

Divine Providence contains Swedenborg's solution to the 'problem of evil' - that is, to the question of how one is to reconcile the notion of a loving God with the existence of evil, hardship, and suffering. It is also something of a self-help book, showing what the individual needs to do in order to change inwardly. As a part of its general presentation of the action of divine providence, it includes a nuanced discussion of freedom of the will and arguments against two traditional Christian notions: that some people are predestined to hell and that it is possible to be saved instantly.


"Divine Love and Wisdom, contains many rare treasures, not only for seekers of spiritual truth, but also for scientists exploring the reach and nature of human consciousness. There are few books that I would praise so highly." Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D. 

"Written at a time of intense philosophical and theological debate on the nature of God's governance of the world, Swedenborg's Divine Providence is in many ways far more original and thought-provoking than anything produced by his contemporaries. George F. Dole's translation is extremely readable." Glenn A. Magee, Ph.D., author, Hegel and the Hermetic

"Divine Providence, is a challenging essay on the nature of human freedom, a forceful attempt to justify God's ways to humankind. . . . Dole's eloquent new translation . . . brings an important and much-needed eighteenth-century treasure to a twenty-first-century world." Gary Lachman, author, A Secret History of Consciousness