Beyond the Fourth Way

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Beyond the Fourth Way


by Triam Press



Beyond the Fourth Way.
Author : Philip W Groves
Paperback, 161 pages.
Beyond the Fourth Way is an exploration of aspects of the Fourth Way, a methodology whereby an ordinary person can be awakened, developed and transformed so that they can become a harmonized, conscious being. This Way is blended with the profound spiritual understanding of Emanuel Swedenborg, to provide a deeply meaningful and practical approach to inner development and soul growth.

Extract of Beyond the Fourth Way.


This book refers to a tradition known as the 'Fourth Way' as a way of inner transformation which George Ivanovich Gurdjieff brought to the West as a more complete way of inner development, combining the three traditional ways (centered either in body movement and instinct, or in our feelings, or in the intellect). This fourth and more integrated approach is suited to ordinary people in normal life situations. Gurdjieff's approach is based largely on us making huge conscious efforts and our willingness to bear the associated intentional suffering of the discomforts associated with deliberate inward change. Dr Philip Groves studied, applied and taught Fourth Way principles to a small group of students for over 40 years and over that time significantly enriched it with further material from comparative religion, Sufism and Christian esotericism. Dr Groves adds to the Fourth Way the teachings of 18th century mystic Emanuel Swedenborg who emphazised the cooperative effort between our free will and Divine Providence, an acknowledgement which allows Fourth Way teachings to be taken to a deeper level. An important element of working on ourselves which Dr Groves demonstrated was the power of the inner language of representations which was familiar to the ancients and was revived by Swedenborg (who called these representations 'correspondences'). Correspondences can help derive richer meanings from dreams, myths, natural forms and functions of living things, and can even help understand Egyptian hieroglyphs (the writings of the ancients) and other sacred texts. The richer insights thus gained help us enter more deeply into the transformation process that we as spiritual seekers pursue, and achieves a better self-knowledge with which to grow into the fullness of being we are meant to enjoy. Dr Groves used his extensive knowledge and love for biochemistry, psychology, Egyptology and Divinity to present copious modern examples of the principles he taught. His clarity should assist the genuine seeker to gain from the teachings contained in this gem of a book, provided he is willing to apply the lessons in it to the self-initiated process of inner development. - Joe Vandermeer 2015