Beauty, Wonder, and the Mystical Mind

  • Beauty, Wonder, and the Mystical Mind
  • Beauty, Wonder, and the Mystical Mind

Beauty, Wonder, and the Mystical Mind


by Swedenborg Foundation



Release Date: 1999, 150 page Paperback
A lifelong explorer of the spiritual realm speaks insightfully of the transcendent dimension. Wilson Van Dusen enumerates the common characteristics of the mature mystic and presents a brief history of mysticism. He explains how religion fits within the context of culture and then how mysticism fits or does not within the context of religion. A useful chapter introduces a simple, effective meditative practice.

Author Bio

Wilson Van Dusen is a self-taught student of Swedenborg's works. In some ways he considers this an advantage because he does not come to them with the biases of those in any of the major groups of followers, but rather has had to work out their meaning in his own life. His being a clinical psychologist, a mystic, and a student of all the major religions has also helped. It gives to his understanding of Swedenborg a startling freshness. He is a recognized expert on Emanuel Swedenborg. He holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and worked 20 years among the mentally ill where he developed self-help communities.


Beauty, Wonder and the Mystical Mind, deliberately aims to appeal to the general reader, with a chatty writing style and personal anecdotes. This bespeaks of the author's deep humanity and his obvious desire to touch the spiritual heart of as many people as possible. Leon Bambury

In every field, some books rise above the rest to become classics. Wilson Van Dusen's is such a book. He writes with refreshing clarity, even luminosity, and maps the mystical path for those awakening to the journey. Dan Millman - author of 'The Laws of Spirit'