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Be of Good Cheer


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Be of Good Cheer
Discovering the Redeeming Quality of Struggle
Author : Ethan McCardell
Format : Paperback. 220 pages
Release date : 2005

Description :

Don't be disheartened by life's challenges, because here's a helpful guide to help to enjoy all aspects of your life. This is a nicely presented, thoughtful and uplifting book of 21 brief common-sense devotional meditations and reflections based on Swedenborg and the Bible with helpful succinct summaries to conclude each chapter. Choose one reflection per day or even one for the week. These chapters look at how to effectively face challenges life offers us by placing them in the broader perspective of how we can become our best most joyful selves, so that setbacks can be faced with perseverence rather than despair (a 'relaxed struggle' as a counsellor once called it, replacing anxiety with peace).

Author Bio :

Ethan McCardell is a New Church pastor in the Greater Seattle area. dedicated to a life of sharing good news through ministry and teaching.


"My wife and I read this in (almost) 21 straight days as our morning reading together. It was a wonderful experience! It lifted us into a great place to start the day. And the most effective chapters are the ones that powerfully tell his story of overcoming, and the stories of others who persevere. We will read it again in the future, and we give it to our friends!"

"For anyone who'd like to stop being a victim and start enjoying life as we were intended, I'd strongly recommend you pick up this book. This book offers a practical, common-sense approach to changing the way you look at life and the challenges it offers, and it doesn't coddle you while doing it. Few books I've ever read offered a true benefit to my life - I'm grateful I took the time to read it."