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At Home in the Universe


by Swedenborg Foundation



At Home in the Universe
Re-envisioning the Cosmos with the Heart
Author : John L. Hitchcock
Format : Paperback, 250 pages
Release date : 2001

In a radical departure from recent science-and-spirituality debates, John Hitchcock contends that humanity must balance its intellectual vision of the universe with a heart-centered view. It is the heart, he argues, that enables us to feel at home in the cosmos. How?

Hitchcock asserts--surprisingly for a scientist--that the purpose of creation is the fulfillment of love. Humanity is welcome in the cosmos because love is the heart of the cosmos, and humanity participates in that love. Specifically, love unites the qualities that characterize the universe, qualities humanity shares. As humans cultivate these qualities through love, they contribute to the spiritual development of the cosmos itself.

With love as the mediator, At Home in the Universe unites the spiritual and material realms of the cosmos. John Hitchcock sees spirit and matter as two ways of looking at the unity that underlies everything we do. It is through love--and thus through our hearts--that we most clearly and deeply perceive this unity.

Author Bio

John L. Hitchcock, Ph.D., holds a doctorate in physics and graduate degrees in clinical mental-health counseling, phenomenology of science and religion, and astronomy. He is also the author of Healing Our Worldview; Atoms, Snowflakes and God: The Web of the Universe; and Jung, the New Physics and Human Spirituality.