Art of Spiritual Warfare

  • Art of Spiritual Warfare
  • Art of Spiritual Warfare

Art of Spiritual Warfare


by Quest Books



Art of Spiritual Warfare: A Guide to Lasting Inner Peace based on Sun Tsu's The Art of War
Author : Grant Schnarr
Format : Paperback. 168 pages
Here are powerful tactics for outwitting self-destruction, engaging inner allies, and championing integrity and love. Each chapter ends with well-crafted tasks to help speed personal change. Schnarr's insights, often funny stories, and practical exercises lead to lasting peace at work, home and in the private depths of being.
From the author : Sun Tzu was an amazing military strategist, and spiritual person. He believed it is not the highest excellence to win a hundred victories in a hundred battles, but rather to win without fighting at all. This is true in spiritual struggle as well. Relying on the wisdom of many spiritual warriors, including the remarkable work of Sun Tzu, I put this work together for myself, as well as for others who desire to walk in integrity and make this world a better place. This book is published all over the world and is helping spiritual warriors from rock musicians to military generals. For that I am thankful. Since it is based on the best of all spiritual-warrior philosophies and religions, couched in Sun Tzu wisdom, it is a book to be read, contemplated, and kept by one's side. Here's to the battle, and to the peace which follows!


Grant Schnarr delivers ancient wisdom for modern times. He teaches us the art of the spiritual warrior, and he does so with discipline, compassion, and courageous self examination. These are necessary skills for a new millennium.
-- Dawn Callan: author of Awakening the Warrior Within

Grant Schnarr has written a profound . . .training manual' for the person new to spiritual combat. . . . I am indepted to him for his contribution and honored to give it my enthusiastic endorsement. -- Robert L. Moore: Co-author of King, Warrior, Magician, Lover