Arcana Caelestia Vol 1

  • Arcana Caelestia Vol 1
  • Arcana Caelestia Vol 1

Arcana Caelestia Vol 1


by Swedenborg Society



Arcana Caelestia
Author : Emanuel Swedenborg
Translator : John Elliott
Format : Paperback, Volume 1
Release date : 1983

Volume 1 covers Genesis 1-9, in which Swedenborg describes the inner meaning of the creation story, the fall of Adam and Eve, and Noah's deliverance from the flood. He understands the days of creation as an image of the stages of human spiritual transformation; Adam and Eve as symbols for the earliest ancient "church," a people who eventually fell away from God; and Noah as a symbol of the good individuals who were spared from the evil thinking that flooded human minds during that decline. Interspersed with Swedenborg's explorations of these narratives are his accounts of stages in the transition to the afterlife. He also describes the nature of the soul after death and the joy experienced in heaven, before concluding with descriptions of hell.