• Afterlife
  • Afterlife



by Swedenborg Foundation



Author : Emanuel Swedenborg
Format : 216 page paperback
Release date : 2006
What happens to us after we die? What is heaven like? How do angels live? In his classic work Heaven and Hell, Swedish visionary Emanuel Swedenborg gives readers a detailed road map to the afterlife, describing the process that our soul goes through after death, the nature of heaven and hell, angels and demons, all in meticulous detail. Afterlife is an abridged version of Heaven and Hell, with passages specially chosen to highlight the essence of Swedenborg's work.


This little book is in fact the third redaction of the Swedenborg Foundation's new translation of 18th-century scientist and mystic Swedenborg's beloved classic, Heaven and Hell, first published in the late 1750s and subsequently in most of the world's languages. Swedenborg's confident descriptions of the afterlife, based on his own visionary experiences, exerted an influence on thought in the West well out of proportion to the size of his following--both the James family and Jorge Luis Borges were ardent students of his work. Swedenborg's cosmology is entirely unlike that of any other Christian mystic, and this handy volume, based on a new translation, should provide an excellent introduction to this work of both spiritual and intellectual interest. - Library Journal, January 15, 2007

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