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The Swedenborg Association of Australia is a group of individuals who seek and share an awareness and appreciation of the intellectual and spiritual riches that Emanuel Swedenborg gave the world.

The value of Swedenborg's contribution to humanity received some major recognition in 2006 when UNESCO’s World Memory program decided to include The Swedish Academy of Science as part of its program (The Swedish Academy are custodians of a large archive of the works of Swedenborg).

The Swedenborg Association of Australia is governed by a Committee consisting of a President, Secretary and Treasurer, plus up to seven additional persons.  

For details of who is on the current committee please contact the Public Officer (Joe Vandermeer) at the Swedenborg Centre.

The services for which the Association was formed include:

  • Promoting throughout Australia an appreciation of Emanuel Swedenborg's work and its contribution to humanity and achieving this with personal contact, meetings and seminars, interest groups, programs and publications;
  • Supporting branches which seek to explore subjects of interest relating to the work of Swedenborg;
  • Stimulate wider interest by connecting and extending Swedenborg's work with various fields of study by providing information on topical subjects and relating them to Swedenborg’s own contributions;
  • Supporting members in their spiritual journey with the riches of Swedenborg's legacy;
  • Networking with other Swedenborg organisations and like-minded groups for mutual support;